April 25, 2018

Rev writes…

As the summer technically comes into full force, I’m hoping that the weather behaves this year but I do have my doubts … We’ve had an appalling cold and wet late spring and I’m sure we all want it to change as soon as is possible.  At least the sun is shining and temperature rising as I write this!

For me the summer months always seem too short.  The general hub-bub of everyday life does seem to calm down but it is easy to fill it up with all the things I haven’t yet done and trying to get organised.  That pile of ‘I’ll do that over the summer’ things!

As a Christian, God doesn’t ask me to be busy and successful, he asks me to be faithful.  Part of being faithful is to live a life that is sustainable; not overworking and becoming exhausted and burned out but being measured about what I commit to; taking care not to overdo things, not to say ‘yes’ to everything, even if they are good ideas.  Recently we had a few days away with the family and the pace of activity was quite high!  Admittedly it was an activity holiday but I like to think that sitting back with my feet up is also an activity!

It’s important to remember that God had a day of rest, so we should too.  That doesn’t have to mean doing nothing at all but it can be really energising to do something completely different like not using any gadgets, phones, computers, tablets or technology and going off for a day out, a walk and a picnic, etc.  Or maybe reading a book that you’ve been meaning to get round to.

If you are getting plenty of rest and relaxation, brilliant; if you are not, pause and check whether you need to have a rethink – life is more of a marathon rather than a sprint and I find that if I am well-rested my work takes less time, is easier to carry out and I feel a sense of achievement.  Now to put this into practice more often!

God bless,