April 25, 2018

Rev writes…

I’ve just come back from a lovely sunny holiday – it was great to catch a bit of sun and warmth before the weather really turns.  Although I heard today that snow is on the way!

Things do not stay the same do they?  We are creatures of habit and like things to stay the same and to have that element of certainty in our lives that helps us to feel safe and secure.  In the church people looking on might think – nothing ever changes there – and you might be right some of the time.  However, this is not what we see if we look at the gospels and the rest of the New Testament writings – change, upheaval and plans being altered are a feature of the life of Jesus and the early disciples.  We can really expect no less and I guess our politics at this time would indicate that too!

The secret, if there is one, is to be able to find security and safety within the chaos and change that goes on.  There is a lot of self-help out there about ‘mindfulness’ – living in the moment, as an aid to relieve anxiety.  For me, it’s a question of where we put our trust.  Do we put it in government, in leaders, in ourselves or in no-one?  Some of us put our trust in God.  I trust that whatever the circumstances and situation; whatever the chaos and mess I face, that God is with me, pointing the way, giving me peace and letting me cast my cares upon him.  It’s not easy and it’s certainly not a cop out.  It’s about trust, trust that the one I have faith in is able to sustain me through life’s knocks and bumps; through hardship and plenty too.

This month we think of all those who faced extreme challenges – ones that they gave their lives for …. join us on 10th November at Christ Church for the Remembrance Sunday service at 10.30am when the names of the fallen will be read and we will have an Act of Remembrance and Commitment within the service of Holy Communion.

In these uncertain times it is, I believe, even more important to remember and to pray for peace in our time.

God bless,

Revd Gerri Tetzlaff