April 25, 2018

Rev writes…

Dear Friends

I do hope that the worst of the winter weather is over, warmer temperatures will be a relief to us all in one way or another – physically of course but also from the worries around managing our bills.  As we are already in the season of Lent – a time when lots of people give things up in order to focus our minds and hearts on some self-examination – maybe this year we would rather take on some warmth and comfort than give up anything!  It hasn’t been an easy time for many and whether comfortable or in need, everyone has felt the pressure of rising costs.  We have perhaps already been in a ‘Lenten’ period if self-sacrifice is our focus.

However, good things have happened too and we hope will continue to do so – lots of people have given more, because they have more, others have given sacrificially in order that others can eat well and feel well.  During this time of Lent as a church we are looking at the Church of England Lent material called Dust and Glory by Emma Ineson – described as ‘A Lent journey of faith, failure and forgiveness’.  It’s about living well in the mess of everyday life.  We have booklets that give 40 daily reflections and will be coming together each Wednesday during March at 12.30pm for a soup, bread and cheese lunch followed by a Bible reading, reflection, discussion and prayer – no pressure for ‘right’ answers, rather an opportunity to be honest about our daily lives and in this series, how we cope and learn from failure; all with a few laughs thrown in too.  Do join us if you are able, we would love to see you.

All of this is to help us in our spiritual journey that Lent can enable us to focus on – a bit of self-examination, reflection and time, seeking God will always draw us deeper into relationship with the Lord and may enable us to let go of or recognize those areas of our character that we might prefer to ignore.

Towards the end of our 40 days of Lent we will enter into Holy Week and walk that journey together from Palm Sunday through Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and to Easter Day.  Then comes the joy of Easter morning, the risen Christ, witnessed two thousand years ago and still rising to meet us today.  He is our reason for being, our reason for making community together and our reason for extending that community wider and deeper as we connect with the Lord and with one another.  Using all that we have and are to further that connectedness and to become more Christ-like.

Following Easter, we will be experiencing the joys(!) of our Annual Parochial Church Meeting to look back on the year (2022) and to reach forward.  That will come on Sunday 23rd April, following the 10.30am service.  This now leaves me only to mention my leaving the parish to retire at the end of April, Mike and I will have our last day on Sunday 30th April when we shall have a gathering at 10.30am followed by a bit of a do after, downstairs in the hall with a ‘bring and share’ lunch.  Everyone very welcome!  I don’t want, at this point to write a goodbye piece for you – it really feels a bit too soon, but I will prepare something for the next edition of the magazine.

Blessings in Christ

Revd Gerri